Is Home Health Care for You?

We understand the difficulty brought about by delving into home care services. You may still be in doubt right now. Let us enlighten you about Home Health Care and the eligibility of persons who can avail its services.

What is Home Health Care?
Home health care is the collective term for care services that are delivered and administered to patients while at home. The care service provider sends professionals to the patient’s residence where the patient can avail of comfortable treatment by simply knowing that he is in a safe place or because his family is around.

For Whom is Home Care ?

Home Health Care is available to:

  • Individuals suffering from Illness
    Mostly, these are the people suffering from Chronic Diseases such as Diabetes, Degenerative Diseases (e.g. ALS), Renal/Kidney Failure, Cancer, etc.
  • Individuals suffering from Disability
    These are people who have limited capacity to perform ADLs, at any given age, due to hindrance set by physiological impairments.
  • The Elderly
    This is the most common group. Due to physical decline brought by advanced age, they cannot perform the activities of daily living without assistance, manage their own homes, finances, and most aspects of their lives.

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